Is Semantic UI dead?


My team is trying to make a decision between Bootstrap and Semantic UI. We really like Semantic UI, but we’re concerned that the project may be stalled. As I’m writing this, there are 1196 open issues and 161 pull requests on GitHub, and there hasn’t been any commit activity in over a month.

Can I recommend this framework to the team, or is it dead in the water?


I was actually asking myself the same question!

Not a fan of bootstrap 4, but because I used ver. 3 in the past, learning curve will be easier I guess.


Now, I move to Bulma.

For small project, Milligram is also good choice.


No. That is not an unreasonable question though.
For more information some discussion has been happening on GitHub


I made a library that had roughly the same name ~6month ago and I thought this one was the topic - I have no power here I am sorry if I misguided anyone


Bulma etc seem so heavy, in the way ‘theme’ sites work. One attempts to move away from that jazz. Semantic UI was such a splendid effort. Milligram is cleaner, but lacking some things like smart menus one could use for actual production headers that need a mobile version of a large menu to become more vertical. I think all these frameworks (including Zurb, Bootstrap, etc) need some boilerplate starting patterns that are most commonly used. None of them seem to have it:

A header which has complex menus that pop up with 3-4 columns on large screens, but on mobile they become vertical slide-ins. The same header could become a persistent menu with slightly different content and a smaller logo on scroll. This should happen smoothly across screens.

Everything else is simple…the body of a page is easy with grid layouts in any of the above. But complex, real world headers are always a beast of custom CSS and JS spaghetti. Semantic UI was the closest in being a clean implementation of menus and persistent headers, but so sad that it’s now dying.


:frowning: Please please renew it. Make it donateware. Some of us would donate.