How to add custom modules/overrides?



I’d like to add helper classes. I want these to be at the very end of the compiled packaged semantic.css to prevent them to get overruled by any definition of a component. That’s why adding these classes to site.override isn’t sufficient, because the classes defined there will be added very much at the beginning of the compiled css file. I found It helped me, but I didn’t manage to solve my problem.

I created

  • /src/definitions/globals/helper.less
  • /src/site/globals/helper.override

I changed semantic.json and tasks/config/default.js and added helper to the components array

components: [

The build command creates a /dist/components/helper.[css|min.css] but it only contains the compiled less of /src/definitions/globals/helper.less. The src/site/globals/helper.override seems to be skipped.
How can I manage to include the less code from helper.override, too?

Thanks in advance