What is the current "Component best practices guide"


Been loving Semantic-UI for just over a year now, and piecing together much of it just feels natural.

But I’m really looking to up my mastery of Semantic-UI while filling in the gaps.

Is there a current source for masterful examples?

There are questions like:

  • What’s the most beautiful way to show a list of data-rich items with photos?
  • When creating a SPA with a header and footer, but interchangeable views, should the centre be a section with subsections, container with subcontainers, a section with subcontainers, etc?
  • How can card layouts really shine?

It feels like there are specific design choices that already answer these questions, but the examples don’t cover them in a way that provides workable component level examples (though, with a special shout-out to https://semantic-ui.com/examples/login.html which does encapsulate everything about a login component that feels like it could be easily re-used)

How do we see deeper to those answers?