Want Vue.js Integration


Will Semantic Organization create the official Vue.js integration :question:

I :heart:️ Semantic UI and Vue.js.


HI @illuminator

What’s keeping you from using SUI in Vue.js today?

“Vue-UI uses a custom build of Semantic-UI#1.0…”


Thanks for Vue 1 but I’m using latest Vue (currently Vue 2). I have to write all SUI elements in plain HTML in Vue now.

I request for Vue 2 official integration from Semantic UI team.


I see. I think it’s really up to Vue. We’ve already produced a Semantic-UI html/css version and a Semantic-UI-React version. Hope Vue can integrate with the official Semantic-UI-React version. There should be no reason to create a special version for Vue.


Hey @maxhodges, can you expand on how the SUI-React components can be used in a Vue.js codebase?

I’ve only taken a cursory look, but I’m not seeing how this is possible without adding react as a dependancy, which is not really an elegant solution.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.


I still have no idea about how to use it with Semantic-UI-React. Still depends on React?

I love Semantic UI. But now I often work with Vue. So, I can’t use Semantic UI anymore. :disappointed:
I see other many UI frameworks that’s easier to use with Vue.

Thank you for awesome UI framework.

I still hope Semantic UI team will create full feature Vue integration (jQuery free). :neutral_face: Just a hope.


sorry I’m just not very versed on Vue. Is it possible to use bootstrap in Vue? if so, is should be possible to use Semantic-UI I would think!


Bootstrap already has some great integrations. So, I can use it. :smiley_cat:


I see, we should loop in @jlukic on this!


I was looking for the same and I had time on my hands.

If anyone is in the vibe, I could afford some help, even criticism on the ongoing (already usable) integration : v-semantic


I’m working too on a Vue integration, please check it out and star if you like it :slight_smile: https://semantic-ui-vue.github.io/


Thank you. Finally, someone try to make it! :tada: