Trying to recreate a website with semantic, help needed :)



I start working on “renovate” a super cool website which is very old but very useful. For now, I just try to get the same output as the original site.

I’m a developer for years but never was into design stuff (I’m more a backend guy or Js for the front, but HTML/CSS is not my thing). Anyway, found that semantic-ui sound really great and decide to build the new site with it.

I understood how you can create your theme and the variables etc. It’s cool, but on my i7 it takes almost 10s for gulp to build the theme each time I made a modification… it’s a bit long no ?

And, I find it hard to find the right variable to tweak when you’re looking into something specific, have you got any tips on that ?

Last question : how can I make the website top banner with the book image ? I tried with grids but it’s really difficult to get the same result and I don’t want to change the number of column per grid. I also tried with a right floated image but it does appears in the right place…

Feels like I’m going to use some nasty CSS hacks but it not the purpose of semantic ui, right ?

You can see my progress here.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advance,