[Solved] Safari on iOS click button issue



I’m currently working on a project where I use the Semantic UI framework in a Rails application.
Everything looks great and i’m really happy about the framework. However I have a really annoying issue, that I could not figure out by myself.

When I have a button on my page, button tag or div with button class. When I click it on my iPhone in Safari, the button does not get that click down/up css effect, but on a Android in Chrome is does work. It only gets the hover css applied i think.

But what makes be really crazy, is that when i browse the semantic-ui site on my iPhone, all button click works.
So I don’t know if they have done any custom css js to make it work there.



I tested today, and the buttons are working fine now on my device.
I don’t know what caused it, maybe a combination of the server and my browser on the phone.