Semantic Endpoint Protection Alert


I have been successfully running Verizon antivirus (powered my McAffe) for several months.

This morning, while working in my personal Yahoo email account, I received a pop alert from Symantec:

Symentec Endpoint Protection Alert; The contents of spl120f.001 is infected. Do you want to repair it; ( ) no ( ) yes,

I recently graduated from Fordham University. The school offered Symantec antivirus. Just today, I discovered a Semantec icon on my computer screen, next to the verizon antivirus icon.

Not sure if symantec is running on my computer (along with verizon/mcaffe), however it would explain this alert.

I am concerned that the alert is fake, from a hacker.

Please help me to figure out the best next step.

I use a MacBook Pro version 10.9.5 with a 2.5 GHz Untel Core i5 processor

Thank you,