Pluralsight releases 4-hour Semantic-UI course


Semantic UI 2.0
By Nate Taylor

In this course, you will learn the ins-and-outs of Semantic UI, a natural language alternative to Bootstrap. You will walkthrough all the Semantic UI components including real-world examples of how to implement them on a website.


Thanks for pushing this up there. I have a limited number of free-trials to pluralsight that I can give out. They give you 1 month free which should be enough time to go through the course.

If you message me on twitter at @taylonr then I’ll give some codes out. EDIT: JUST PM ME HERE

The course covers every component of Semantic, and in it we build a review application. The functionality of the app is pretty limited, but the point of it is to see semantic in a real-world type application.


these forums have a PM system so no need to jump to twitter! :wink: Just click someone’s name then “Send Message” it’s private.


Any codes left? I’d like to check out your course. Please email me at if you still have some available. Thanks! (I could not figure out the PM facility; clicking on your name did not provide a message link).


PM feature: click profile name, then can send message


For some reason I don’t get the PM button when I click on a name. Maybe the forum doesn’t trust me yet.