Modal google maps not works properly



My name is Pedro and its my first topic, thank you for your help.

I’m trying to load a google map in a modal.
The first time to show works properly.

Then close the modal and try to open again, and now the map looks like this:

This is the code:

<div id="ventanaMapa" class="ui fullscreen modal">
    <div id="mapa" class="content">
<div id="verMapa" class="ui button"  onclick="mapaSimple('41.3604252','2.0734108')">Ver Mapa</div>

*** mapaSimple – Create the google map and add a mark with lat and long



Someone knows what its the problem?

(I think is related with the refesh of the windows but I don’t know how it’s solve)

Again thank you for your help.


Having the same problem here, did you find out how to fix this?