JSON search results returned but not displayed


So I was doing a JSON search, which my json data lloks like

        var content = [
                fname: "John",
                lname: "Doe"
                fname: "Johnny",
                lname: "Doey"
            //etc. There are other data queries.

and my search code looks like

            source: data,
            searchFields: [
            searchFullText: false

However, when I tried to show it, the search result is actually getting returned but it’s just not displaying

The data changed as I type more characters of queries in. But it is just empty.

I am on Firefox Dev 57.0b14 MacOS


I am also getting same kind of issue, onResponce and On select I am able to see data, but it is not getting displayed on the search ui list.

Can any body help ? where is going wrong.