API Ajax request can't really go async with jQuery Ajax request running in parallel?


Hi guys!

I have autocomplete in my project based fully on default Semantic UI autocomplete solution. It works pretty well and it’s enought out of the box for my project, I don’t even need any deep customization.

But I have faced one serious problem:

After page was loaded, I do AJAX request to back-end and this request takes about 5-10 seconds to be succeed, sometimes 20 seconds. I do this request with jQuery Ajax method, qeuite common one.

And the problem is that until this long jQuery Ajax request is pending for server response/result, my autocomplete doesn’t work. Whatever I type in autocomplete - looks like Semantic UI API is just putting all requests into some quee and this quee goes only after jQuery Ajax will finish. Because they do really fire (autocomplete requests) after my long jQuery Ajax request is done.

How to fix that? How to make Semantic UI autocomplete work in real async mode?

P.S. This is not server requests number limitation. I can really query server with any oher requests with jQuery Ajax while long one is still waiting for response.